About Us

The Club is Licensed for Prone Small-Bore and Air rifles/Pistols

 within the legal limit of under 12 & 6 ftp respectively 

Brocook type air cartridge weapons are not allowed

The small bore club comprises a small group of members. The ranges are outdoor 100yds/50,and a 25yd indoor range incorporating a 10mt  pistol range .

Competitions are held through out the year in national and local competitions at 100yds/50yds outdoors in summer and 25yd indoors in winter.Air Pistol shooting at 10mtrs indoors is carried out throughout the year.  

The Club have facilities for Air Rifle shooters to use the outdoor range there are a full set of FT targets The cost at the present time is £65 per year £10 of the fee goes to your membership to the social club there is no further cost for useage, the year runs from the date of joining. The range is marked out fully every 2.5 yds from 8yds to 55yds. the official days for air rifle shooting are thurs,and saturdays but the club allows most days now except, monday evening, sunday morning, after the outdoor competitions are finished then any day is allowed for air rifle usage

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